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Gymnastik Magasin № 16. MØD VORES NYE LEOTARDS!

01 Sep 2016 at 06:00

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We got inspired! Our muse was literature! The great literary works made us create the whole collection of unique, exclusive and highly beautiful leotards!


Each leotard has its own story. Its peculiar traits will bring your performance of a new level. It will no more be just a set of gymnastics’ movements! It will be a show, a story with a deep sense!


Watch the whole collection of leotards her and her.


A proper training is time when you train long hours really hard and you feel really exhausted after it! It sounds not very pleasant but only such trainings can result in great victories! Gymnastics Fantastic offers a collection of beautiful t-shirts. Thanks to them all your trainings will flow in the same breath.

Find a t-shirt for yourself her.


A brilliant and perfect look is very important to any gymnast! Everyone wants to impress judges having just stepped on the carpet! It is priceless to see astonished reaction of all visitors! But comfort is much more important!!!

A proper underwear is what every gymnast needs! It makes the whole image look neat and accurate! Moreover, it lets gymnasts feel incredibly comfortable and confident! Watch the items her.



Jennifer Russel

E-mail: Order@rg-Leotard.com
Tlf.: + 7 (3412) 912-613, 912-614
Skype: rg-strømpebukser


Anastasia Shabalina

E-mail: webmanager@rg-Leotard.com


Ekaterina Kirshina
Online web butikschef

E-mail: admin@danceplus.ru

Tlf.: + 7 (3412) 912-613, 912-614


On April 16-22 the Olympic Test Event took place. The gymnasts showed their best trying to get the final berths to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


The gymnasts who became medalists at the 2015 World Championships and who got the right to perform at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro were also given the possibility to participate in the Test Event. The competitions were very intense. The International Gymnastics Federation confirmed the lists of all qualifiers.


You may find all lists at our news section.

Vores udtalelser!

Hi Jennifer! Attached is a picture from a recent competition. Let me know if you want any more photos.

Anne, Australia

Jennifer! Here are some pictures of the girls in their leos at the competition. They looked awesome and everyone loved them! Thanks so much!!!

Nicole, United States

Here is to you and to my wonderful daughter. Thank you!

Alicia, United Kingdom

Hi jennifer, thank you very much for the great looking swimmsuit!! It fits perfectly!

Alexandra, Germany


Any emotion, if it is sincere, is involuntary.

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