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Grand-Prix in Moscow 2015

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The international competitions of rhythmic gymnastics Grand-Prix Cup, that took place in Moscow on February 20-22, let us come to some conclusions and predictions according the appearance of competition leotards. That would be a useful information for gymnasts, their parents and coaches. We will share these facts with you in this article.

The formula of rhythmic gymnastics leotard is generally the same: leotard with zip fastener, leotard with a crew neck, long sleeves, short sleeves or without them. Short skirts with a notch and a pucker are also very common.

What is new? First, it is a color. The phenomenon of color is impossible to underestimate. The color is the basis of a leotard. The color creates the image. Each image can tell its own story.

The number of color variations is close to eternity. But the bright, juicy, intensive colors and the smooth graceful shades of whitish pink, blue and mint take the leading position. Such leotards suit to the most preferable waltz theme best. The well-known «one-two-three» rhythm sounds very often on the carpet. The Viennese waltz, the military waltz and the waltzes from popular novels «War and Peace» and «Anna Karenina» are loved by the most gymnasts. Gentle leotards and gentle melodies get mixed up creating the united airy image that is warmly accepted by the visitors.

The invasion of a bright orange color is very vivid. It is represented as an accent and as a main color. It favorably attracts the attention to the silhouette of a leotard and to the outlines of details. The combination of Indian blue and hot orange, lemon and orange, scarlet, blue, pink and bright green is used most often. This color choice is popular in the performances of Latin style. The quick-moving and energetic rhythms together with striking leotards advantageously look on the carpet, attracting the attention of visitors and judges.

The deep blue and black colors are never out of time. They give the gymnasts a sharp graphical expressiveness and emphasize a calm elegance.

We can’t help noticing the triumph of skirts with fringe. The fringe is very effective. It moves as a wave, it falls and flows when the gymnasts move smoothly or sharply. The leotard acquires a new sounding and the performance becomes even more beautiful and breathtaking.

The multi-layer net skirts haven’t lost their urgency. The airy, wavy skirts in the form of sun made of chiffon or net with puckers or without them beautifully flow in and transform the performances with balls or clubs. The skirts decorated with pretty and charming flounces, the net of a bodily color and crystals are very rare on the carpet. Such method makes the legs visually longer and the image becomes light and airy.


The symmetric decisions prevail in the leotards style. The moderate symmetry also takes place.

The love to the overalls came back. Among all other images they stand out and attract the attention.

The leotard without skirt undergoes its second birth. It is presented in a new way with rich decorative trimmings.

The velvet, bifleks, guipure, lace, nets and chiffon are responsible for the spectacular look of the leotards.

The unusual outlines of notches, the volume details, the play of colors, the magical colorful painting, the embroidery, the draperies (now as a background and an addition), the prints (as an emotional splash), the crystals (their quantity, colors and sizes) give the leotards the individuality.

And this is just a tiny part for creating the sparkling, unique, splendid images.

The leotard is not an outside attribute for gymnasts, the leotard is one of the most important part of a success. Follow the fashion brands, meet our new leotards collection, where you will easily find all new rhythmic gymnastics trends. 

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